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    Latest Trends in IOS 8 (SWIFT)

    Difference Between SWIFT and OBJECTIVE-C languages.

  • 01

    Dynamic Coding

    No need to declare the type (data type) of variable at declaration time (i.e. optional for developers) - Ex: var koti

  • 02

    Flexible Syntax

    It automatically allocates memory based on the type of data you pass to the variable - Ex: var a = 5 In the above example we declared and assigned value to the variable ´a´ ¸ it will assign memory for int data type Swift doesn´t require you to write (delimiter) Semicolon(;) after every statement - Ex: var UDI Global = ´Welcome to UDI Global´

  • 03

    Scripting Lang

    Syntax of Swift is more familiar to web developers. The language is very developer friendly that it may be designed to make web developers to build apps.

  • 04

    Compilation Time

    Swift makes compiles better than Objective-C, because it removes unsafe Pointers management by entirely removing pointers

  • 05

    Playground Feature

    It allow you to experiment Swift and see the result in real-time.No longer need to compile and run your app in the Simulator, As you type the code in Playground,you will see result as show in above figure.

  • 06


    Thus as the name suggests, Swift is Safe, Modern and by far the most Powerful language for Mobile Apps.